The most frequently asked question that most buyers have when they first start their home search, is what lender they should use? 


Do I go to my bank? Do I use the guy my sister used 5 years ago? Do I use an online lender?


Before you decide, it’s important to compare interest rates and fees offered by at least 2-3 lenders so you can be sure you have the best option.  It is also important to have good rapport with whoever you choose, they are going to be the ones handling your money after all.  Trust and communication are key!

These are all kinds of lender options that you can choose from, but we like to recommend a mortgage broker that works with many lenders and that you feel comfortable with.  

A mortgage broker is someone who reviews multiple offers from a network of lenders and advises you on the best loan offer for you and your financial situation.


A lender can very easily make or break a transaction and a bad lender can very easily make the entire process a nightmare. Need some recommendations? We have few key lenders we work with regularly who we trust to make the transaction seamless and stress free.